Food Allergies In Dogs

Many pet owners may not be aware of this fact but dogs can suddenly become allergic to food that they have been eating for years. About 10% of cases of allergy in dogs is caused by food allergies. A dog can be hypersensitive to an ingredient/s in their pet food. The most common allergens in pet food include eggs, chicken, wheat, corn, pork, milk, soy products, and additives. 

Unfortunately, identifying the exact ingredient can be challenging. Feeding trials will have to be conducted to eliminate potential allergens untilt he culprit is identified. This may include giving a homemade diet made up of ingredients that the dog has not eaten before. If the dog does not have an adverse reaction to the new type of food, each ingredient of the dog’s previous food is gradually added back, one at a time for a week.

A hypoallergenic diet may be recommended by a best veterinarians Columbia, MD for dogs that are prone to food allergies.


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