Flea Problems In Cats And Dogs

Fleas are blood-sucking parasites and heavy infestations in very young puppies and geriatric dogs can have serious implications. These common external parasites have jointed legs that make it possible for them to jump as much as 150 times their size. Thus they are able to easily jump between potential hosts and their surroundings.

Heavy flea infestations cause persistent scratching and discomfort especially in pets that are hypersensitive to an allergen that is present in the saliva of fleas. Fleas are often the first suspect when a cat or dog is scratching frequently and persistently. If you can’t see any trace of fleas in your dog’s skin or hair coat, try running a flea comb through his hair coat. Small black specks on the flea comb is a positive sign of flea infestation. These are flea dirt actually which are actually dried blood that has already been digested by fleas. 

Make sure to ask your Lakeville, MN veterinarian for an effective flea product that can safely be used on your pet. 


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