Acne In Dogs

Dogs with acne often have pimples commonly found on the chin, lips, and muzzles. The skin problem is common in puppies and young adults. Sometimes, the pimples can also be found on the dog’s flank or on their tail.  Other terms that are used to refer to the condition include chin pyoderma, puppy dermatitis, furunculosis, or muzzle folliculitis. 

The potential causes of acne in dogs have not been fully established. However, since it is often common in dogs that have just reached puberty, it is thought to have a hormonal influence. Just like in humans, the acne starts as hard red areas or blackheads at the base of the hair follicles. As bacteria multiplies and create a plug in the hair follicles, whiteheads are formed. Most cases of mild acne won’t need medication as they usually resolve on their own but severe cases of acne needs proper treatment because affected dogs can suffer from pain and discomfort. A visit to your Carolina Forest, SC vet clinic can go a long way in addressing the problem. 


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