How to Diagnose Seizure Activity in Dogs

You should understand that only a professional veterinarian can diagnose a seizure or seizure related activity in your dog or another dog. Seizures often present themselves in the form of sporadic convulsions, zoning out, body shakes, etc. However, these symptoms are not always due to seizures. Your vet will need to examine your dog and run a variety of tests both physically and neurologically to determine exacts causes of the convulsions and whether the true seizure occurrences. In some cases x-rays or ultrasounds may also be part of the testing. Seizures have been known to occur in a variety of dog breeds no matter the age or sex. The seizure is usually a result of misfiring in the brain that develop due to trauma, toxins from poisons or incorrect medication dosages, etc. Seizures can also be natural occurrences due to genetics. Always talk with your veterinary clinic Aurora, CO before determining if your dog is suffering from seizures or not.


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