How to Buy A Guinea Pig

Shopping for a guinea pig can be a lot of fun and a little stressful if there are several types of cavies to choose from. The first thing you can do when shopping for a guinea pig/cavy is to decide what kind you want. For instance, do you want a long hair, short hair or one of those peculiar breeds with the medium hair that looks like it never gets combed to stay down? Once you know what you want, look for those particular traits in the cavies at the pet store. You should also be paying attention to the cavy’s environment and how well he’s taken care of. Check they cavy over to see if he has any bold spots in the fur, sores on the feet, or gunk around his eyes. Make sure the cavy walks with a normal gait as well. If possible, have your vet care Aurora, CO examine the cavy before purchasing.


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