Choosing the Right Weight and Fill for a Dog Blanket

Getting your pup ready for the colder months ahead? It’s a good idea to buy fall and winter coats ahead of time for your dog. But, do you know what to look for? One of the main things to check when looking for a sturdy coat is the weight and fill of the coat. For example, did you know that weight and fill in a dog coat refers to the stuffing inside of the coat which is responsible for providing warmth? If you’re looking for a light coat for your pup then choose a low fill such as 150 or 225. If you want the coat to keep your pup warm in a snow storm then choose a heavier fill. The more fill, the more insulation made within the coat to protect your pup and keep him warm. You can find a solid and sturdy dog coat at sporting goods stores. Call your vet Aurora, CO for more tips.


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