How Much Protein Does My Dog Need?

Protein is one of the most important component of a dog’s diet. In fact, a named protein should always be on the top of the list of ingredients. In order for a dog to thrive, it should consume the right amount protein that is appropriate for their lifestage or lifestyle. Excess or inadequate intake of protein can have a negative impact on a dog’s health and wellbeing. There are many factors that can help determine how much protein a dog needs. When buying pet food, pet owners should always check out the list of ingredients. Even premium quality pet food significanty vary in the amount and source of protein. For premium quality pet food products, the main source of protein is usually a named meat. But there are also pet food products that combine a higher amount of plant-based protein and/or meat substitutes. Depending on the specific lifestage of a dog or its specific protein requirements, The protein content of pet food should be 20-30%. Talk to your vet Hyattsville, MD to know more about your pet’s nutritional needs.


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