Emergency ‘Go’ Bags for Pocket Pets

Do you own a pocket pet such as a gerbil, hamster, guinea pig or even an exotic pocket pet like a hedgehog, sugar glider, ferret, etc.? If so, have you considered packing an emergency ‘go’ bag for your pocket pet in case you need to evacuate your home quickly? ‘Go’ bags should be prepped ahead of time and placed by an exit door so they can be grabbed on the way out. For pocket pets, consider packing a ‘go’ bag that includes extra bedding, food, water, food bowls and water bottles, treats, toys, leashes and harnesses, medications, and copies of medical records especially any type of vaccinations. Consider packing a portable cage or carrier as well in case you can’t take your pet in his larger cage. Don’t forget garbage bags, cage cleaner, and a scoop for cleaning the cage. For additional ideas on what to pack, consult with your Pickerington, OH vet.


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