What Type of Medications can Treat Canine Degenerative Myelopathy?

If you own a dog that has been diagnosed with Degenerative Myelopathy or DM then you may be searching the Internet and veterinarian journals looking for treatments for the disease. There are a lot of ways to provide supportive care for dogs with DM as well as various methods for keeping dogs comfortable including physical therapies and medications. It’s best to talk with your vet to find out what the best treatment options are for your particular pup. Common medications used to treat DM include N-Acetylcysteine (an antioxidant), Aminocaproic acid (inhibits the breakdown of fibrin needed for blood clots), Antiox-Q (vitamins and minerals to help the nervous system), and Antiox-QCB (like Antiox-Q but also contains an anti-inflammatory). Physical therapy, water therapy, and other muscle exercises are often prescribed as well. Talk with your veterinarian Crown Point, IN to learn more about DM and how to keep your pup comfortable and happy.


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