Why Pet Owners Should Be Consistent Leaders Of The Pack

When pet dogs know that their pack leader (that is you, the owner) is strong and consistent, they will feel safer and comfortable. But if they can’t find a strong alpha leader, they will be quick to step in and assume the reins. Doing so can pave the way for the development of behavioral issues that are a challenge to get rid of. Dogs instinctively crave structure and order in the pack. As alpha leader, you are responsible keeping the pack members in order and providing for their needs. 

In the social hierarchy of the household, pet dogs are always on the lookout for opportunities to take over the leadership of the pack. Without a strong and dominant alpha leader, a takeover by a dominant dog will eventually take place and this can create a stressful environment for the entire household. 

Asking assistance from your Ashburn, VA veterinary clinic will also go a long way in addressing any behavior problem. 


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