Tick Problems In Pets - Develop Thse Habits To Protect Your Pet From Infestation And Disease

Even if it is not tick season, pet owners should develop the habit of checking their pets for ticks every day, especially if the dog is allowed to venture outdoors. In most cases, for a tick to cause disease, it has to be embedded for a considerable length of time on the dog’s skin. When doing a ‘tick check’, pay closer attention to the favorite ‘nooks’ of ticks, that is the head, ears, and neck of your pooch. If you spot any tick, remove it properly and place it a small container with isopropyl alcohol. Bring the tick to your veterinarian so he will know the tick species your pet was exposed to. Take note that Different species of ticks are capable of transmitting different illnesses. Thus, bringing the tick can make it easier to arrive at a diagnosis. 

If Lyme disease is an issue in your region, consider having your dog vaccinated against the condition.Consulting your pet clinic Teller County, CO will help you make a sound decision for your pet. 


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