Crate Training Tips For Puppies

Crate training is one of the basic training regimens that puppies have to undergo once they are weaned. It involves restricting the puppy to a small area for a short length of time. Dogs are den animals and it’s important for a puppy to look at his crate as a ‘den’, a place where he can rest, relax, and be safe. A crate is a place to go to when the puppy is overwhelmed by everything that is going on in his surroundings. Taking time out by staying inside his crate can be a relaxing to pets. Once crate training is finished successfully, the puppy can proceed to other training regimens. Actually a crate is also a basic and significant factor in the success of many puppy training programs. 

Dogs are fastidious creatures and this can be reflected by their effort to keep their den clean. Mothers nursing their puppies clean them up by licking their behinds when they eliminate; doing so keeps their place clean and odor-free. When mature, dogs keep their dens clean by not eliminating inside. During housetraining, the puppy should be taken out of the crate and brought to the potty spot outside at regular intervals. With consistency, the puppy will soon understand that the crate is only a place to rest and be comfortable. 

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