Simple Tips To Improve Your Senior Cat’s Quality Of Life

Senior cats are highly vulnerable to various age-related problems. Thus, your aging furball will need all the care and attention that you can give. Any changes in your pet’s health and/or behavior and seek veterinary assistance immediately. As their flexibility is significantly reduced, they will need regular grooming help so that their entire body will be kept clean and shiny. This is also a good way to prevent mats or tangles especially if they have double-layered or long hair coats. Another important thing to remember is that senior cats tend to suffer from joint problems that can be very painful and uncomfortable. They won’t be able to climb and sleep on their favorite vertical spaces. An effective way to remedy this situation is to make the cat bed easily accessible. This is also true for litter boxes. Get one with lower sides so it will be easier for your senior pet to climb in and out of the litter box. 

Senior cats will benefit from more visits to your vet clinic Des Moines, IA for regular monitoring of existing health problems and to nip any other problem in the bud. 


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