Daylight Savings and Ferrets

Ferrets are a lot of fun and full of a lot of energy. It takes time to train them to adjust to a schedule. It can be frustrating when time changes in the fall and spring and completely messes up that schedule. Your ferret has grown accustomed to eating and sleeping and playing at certain times of the day. Even though the clocks are moved forward and backward an hour, your ferret’s internal clock stays the same. Time to re-program. If your ferret is begging for food at 5 a.m. remember he thinks it’s 6 a.m. in the fall. You can either feed him and adjust yourself to his schedule or you can make him wait a little longer each day until he’s on the new time schedule. The same can be done for play time. Your ferret may show signs of behavioral changes as he adjusts. Talk with your veterinarians London, ON if you are concerned.


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