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Reasons That Prevent A Cat From Using The Litter Box

Litter box problems are quite common in pet cats. Taking steps to identify what’s causing the behavior can go a long way in addressing the problem. Here are important reasons that prevent a cat from using his litter box:

Medical problems

Some of the medical conditions associated with inappropriate elimination include parasitic infestation, arthritis, a nutritional disorder, gastrointestinal disease or bacterial infection.

Behavioral causes

Your cat may have issues with the litter box such as the cleanliness, type of litter being used, the size, design, and even its location. Other reasons associated with locations include placing the litter box in a dark basement or in a room with too much traffic, in a corner, near a food source, or in an area which is difficult to access. He may also associate a negative experience with the box such as being caught or frightened while in the box. 

Emotional causes

Cats may shy away from the litter box when they are exposed to events that trigger emotional stress. Some of these events include: 

  • A change in your routine
  • Too much noise or there’s too much traffic going inside and outside the house
  • A new addition to the home, such as a baby, a pet, furniture, visitor, etc.
  • Boredom 

A visit to your pet clinic Los Gatos CA and a thorough checkup can help identify what is causing your pet’s behavior so it can be addressed appropriately. 


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