Your Cat’s Skin Conditions

The condition of your cat’s skin can indicate her overall health. Thus you should examine her carefully while you groom her or when cuddling. Excessive scratching, chewing and licking are also signs that something is wrong. Look for sores or scabs, flaky patches of skin, hair loss and rashes. Pay special attention to pus, bleeding and other lesions. Your cat may be infested with parasites such as fleas, ticks or mites. Ringworm, which is a contagious fungal infection is particularly concerning and can infect humans. Your cat may have seasonal allergies or certain foods may cause allergic reactions. She may exhibit irritated skin from contact with household chemicals. Your cat may even ingest poisons while while grooming. Some tumors and lesions are benign and easily treated. However, other conditions can be dangerous. If you find issues with your cat’s skin, contact your veterinarian Mt. Pleasant, SC for evaluation and treatment. For more information visit the given link. 


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