Cats And Stress Don't Go Together

Being exposed to specific stressors can have a negative impact on the health and well-being of cats. Chronic exposure to stressors in their immediate environment can make a cat more prone to developing undesirable habits that can range from displays of aggressive behavior to depression. . These stressors include loud or strange noises, a sudden change in routine, moving to a new home, a houseguest or a new member of the family among others. An existing health issue can also worsen when the animal is exposed to chronic stress. 

In order to address the problem in an appropriate manner, the stressor must be identified so it can be removed from your pet’s immediate environment, or if this is impossible, limit your pet’s exposure to the stressor. You can also create a ‘stress-free zone’ where your stressed kitty can seek refuge in when they feel they are overwhelmed. The place will give your pet a safe and comfortable place to relax. 

Bring your cat to a vet services Rochester, NY for regular check-ups.


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