Will Microchipping my Dog Hurt Him?

Having a microchip placed in your dog will not hurt your dog anymore than a regular shot. In fact, the process is much like getting a shock. It’s very quick and almost completely pain free. The microchip is basically inserted under the skin and between the shoulder blades of your dog. It is inserted with a needle so the only pain is the quick prick of the needle into the skin. That’s it. Once the microchip is implanted, your vet will give you the microchip ID so that you can register it with a local pet registry. Found Animals and Free Pet Microchip Registry are popular registries as is Home Again. Registering the microchip allows you to attach your information to the ID number so if your dog is lost, your contact information will come up when the chip is scanned. Talk with your veterinarian London, ON about having your dog microchipped.


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