Why your dog small should wear a harness

Harnesses are a great way to give your small dog the free movement to walk while also keeping him under control. If you walk your dog regularly consider using a harness instead of just a collar. When you attach a leash to a collar and take your dog for a walk chances are you are going to be pulling a lot at the collar to control your dog. Pulling on the collar can cause injury to the dog’s throat and neck. For instance, Pomeranians can easily get a collapsed trachea from an incorrectly used leash and collar. Instead of hooking a leash to a collar, hook it to a harness. The harness gives you more control over your dog and pulls on the chest and not the neck. The trick to a successful harness is to find the right size and style for your particular pup. Ask your Longview, TX veterinarian for help in finding the right harness. Read more here.


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