Cats and Children

A cat can be a great companion animal for your children. However, your children need to learn appropriate ways to interact with your cat. Your child must treat your cat with respect. Never allow tail pulling or poking or roughhousing and no screaming or chasing. Theses actions may result in your cat lashing out and scratching or biting your child. Show your child how to play nicely with your cat and treat her gently. Teach your child about cat body language and the need to respect your cat’s signals to leave her alone or when she wants attention and love. Give your child tasks to care for your cat to encourage bonding. Very young children can pour some cat kibble into a bowl. However, never give your child all of the cat care tasks. An adult needs to make sure your cat’s physical and emotional needs are met every day. Contact your Winnipeg, Manitoba vet to learn more. Or set an appointment at this website Sage Creek Animal Hospital.


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