Chew Toys for Small Dogs

If you’ve been to a pet store recently, you’ve probably noticed the aisles and aisles of dog toys. From super soft plushies to crazy and over the top giant dinosaurs, a pet store toy aisle is a dog’s dream. If you’re looking for chew toys for a small dog like the Yorkie or Chihuahua, make sure you look for toys that do not have marble eyes or any hard pieces on the face or body. You want small yet durable toys to the pups to play with. The Hugglehound brand manufactures heavy duty, durable material dog toys built to last the strongest of dogs. Look for something similar to this brand. When you find out, read the age and weight appropriateness. This will help you determine if it’s OK for your small dog or not. Ask your veterinary Crown Point, IN for more ideas on what type of toys to buy your pup.


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