Understanding Wet Tail in Hamsters

Diarrhea or very loose stools can result from digestive issues caused by eating too much fruit or vegetables. However, wet tail is a much more serious illness. Wet tail occurs when the normal bacteria in your hamster’s digestive system grows too quickly and causes diarrhea. This condition is highly contagious so check that any new hamsters are free of wet tail before you bring them home to your other hamsters. A major contributing factor in wet tail is stress. Your hamster can become stressed by moving him from place to place without allowing him to adjust to his new environment. He could also be stressed by overcrowding or rough handling. Wet tail can cause your hamster to become dehydrated very easily. And we tail can get very serious very quickly. If your hamster exhibits signs of wet tail, immediately make an appointment with your St. Vital, Manitoba veterinary clinic for evaluation and treatment as needed.

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