Too Much Sun Time for Hamsters

Hamsters are extremely small pocket pets. They can get too cold and too hot fairly quickly. It’s important to monitor your hamster’s living environment and make sure he’s in a comfortable location. Keep his cage away from windows to avoid direct sunlight and an overheating cage. Also make sure he’s not directly under a fan or A/C vent to avoid direct cool air flowing onto him. Keeping your hamster equally warm and cool is important to keeping him comfortable. If you’re not sure where you should place your hamster’s cage, consult with your vet. Once you find a place, monitor your hamster to ensure he gets some sun time and some down time from the sun. Make sure your hamster has plenty of access to water at all times to stay hydrated. If your hamster appears lethargic, is panting, or isn’t drinking, call your North Dallas, TX vet immediately as the hamster may be overheating. 


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