Providing Adequate Shade for your Turtle

The amount of shade or the amount of sunlight or artificial light your provide your turtle will depend on your particular turtle’s needs. Aquatic turtles will need light to help keep the water at a warm temperature. They also enjoy climbing out of the water and basking in the sun to dry off and warm up. Turtles love the sun, but too much sun can be harmful. Make sure that your turtle’s habit gets natural sunlight, but not for long periods of time. The sun can heat the cage quickly and to excessive temperatures. Keeping a thermometer in the habitat can help you monitor the temperature. Likewise, some land turtles prefer dark and damp habitats. Sunlight is welcome, but not a lot at one time. In this case, your turtle’s habitat should be kept in a room where the sun may only shine for an hour or so. Talk with your North Dallas, TX veterinary clinic for more tips.


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