Factors to Consider When Fostering a Dog

The main purpose to foster a dog is to care for a dog outside the shelter environment. The dog will need to get ready to go to his forever home. All the bumps get worked out in your home to increase his odds of getting adopted. Work with your local animal shelter or a rescue group to select the dog you can best foster. Ask about what your responsibilities will be especially financial obligations. Even though the arrangement is temporary, consider how this dog will fit into your household. In selecting a foster dog, consider his size, temperament and breed. Keep your resident pets in mind. Ask about any behavior issues, fears or special needs and how to mitigate them. Establish a routine for your foster dog including obedience training, and exercise and play time with your foster dog. Most importantly, treat your foster dog with patience and kindness. Learn more from your best veterinary clinic St. Vital, Manitoba.


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