Ways to Prevent Your Dog from Licking Stitches

If your dog recently had surgery then you may be looking for ways to keep him from licking his wound or stitches. Most veterinarian offices will send dogs home with a cone, which is a plastic cone shaped collar that goes over the dogs head and prevents him from being able to reach just about any area of his body. These are common, however, a plastic cone may not be very comfortable for your dog especially if it’s a small dog. For instance, Pomeranians don’t do well in plastic cones because they can pull out of them even when it’s a small size. Instead, try using an inflatable cone. These are smaller and often covered in soft cloth. They look like doughnut collars. Soft material cone collars are also available. If these still do not work, ask your veterinarians Coon Rapids, MN about applying a spray to the area that will taste bitter to your dog. 


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