Elderly Turtles

Pet turtles can live to be around 20 to 30 years old. For instance, the Red-Eared Slider, one of the most popular pet turtle, typically lives to 20 or older with some recorded to live as long as 40 plus years. With the proper care, pet turtles can live exceptionally long lives. Wild turtles outside of captivity can live even longer. If you’re going to bring a pet turtle into your home, make sure everyone understands that it is a long term commitment. Pet turtles are considered to be seniors at around 15 years of age. At this time you may notice your turtle starting to slow down in his swimming, walking, and even eating. This is expected. You may need to adjust some of the rocks in your turtle’s habitat to meet his aging body’s needs. Talk with your veterinary clinic Tipp City, OH to learn more on elderly turtles and their care.


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