Springtime Bath for Cats

Cats very seldom need baths because they are self groomers and naturally bathe themselves several times a day. However, if your cat lives outdoors or likes to play in the dirt then he may require a bath every now and again. Make sure you don’t bathe him too much. Over bathing can strip your cat’s fur and skin of necessary oils for coat health and for keeping warm or cool depending on the weather. Longhaired cats and shorthaired cats with thick or dense coats should be bathed every 1 to 3 months. Persians may need baths once a month. Siamese cats may not need a bath at all. If you plan to give your cat a bath at least once or twice a year, then Springtime is a great time. The weather’s warmer and you’re most likely in the Spring cleaning mode any way. It’s easier to remember as well. Always use shampoos and conditioners approved by your vet Wake Forest, NC.


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