Bath Wipes for the Greyhounds

Does your Greyhound tend to get into a lot of mud outdoors? Does it seem like you’re having to give him a bath in the bathtub or outdoors every day? If so, then you may want to look into purchasing some bath wipes for your pup. The bath wipes can help prevent the need for daily baths. Just keep the bath wipes near the door and when you and your Greyhound come in from walking or playing, stop your pup at the door and wipe him down with the bath wipes. Wipe down the legs, feet, face, and any muddy spots on the body. These wipes can keep your pup looking and smelling clean without you actually having to give him a bath every day. Just be sure to purchase the pet and not baby bath wipes. Talk with your Raleigh, NC veterinarian to learn more.


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