Caval Syndrome in Black Coonhound

Heartworm disease occurs when foot-long worms invade the heart, lungs and bloodstream of dogs like the Black Coonhound. If not treated, they can cause complete organ failure. However, the heartworms can also cause additional diseases or health issues as well. For instance, Caval Syndrome often develops as a result of heartworm disease. It occurs when the heartworms block blood flow to the dog’s heart. This causes cardiovascular collapse. Symptoms of Caval syndrome may include labored breathing, pale gums, and bloody or coffee colored urine. Treatment for this is immediate surgery to remove the blockage. Treatment for heartworm disease is aggressive and needed immediately for survival. Some dogs that are too ill from the disease cannot receive treatment. The best way to protect your dog is to have him tested yearly for heartworms and treated monthly with a prevention medication. Talk with your Raleigh, NC veterinarian to learn more. Or visit this link:


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