Why your dog needs to be bathed regularly

Your dog loves being able to spend time with you and you love when he is by your side as well. This is how you’ve noticed that he isn’t smelling particularly great and you know that it’s time for a bath when he isn’t smelling his best.

While this may be something that signals that it’s bath time, your pet also needs you to bathe him for other reasons. Your pet certainly smells better after getting some help cleaning up because this removes the dirt from his body. This means that anything his fur has picked up, he’s rolled in, or has accumulated in his fur or on his skin will have a chance to be washed away during his bath. It’s also a good opportunity for you to check out what’s going on with his fur and skin in case any issues arise. Your local pet clinic Bolingbrook, IL can help you better understand what your pet needs from you.


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