Cats And Catnip Love Affair

Many cats have a love affair with catnips. For these cats, catnip is a stimulant.  A substance present in catnip is responsible for the various reactions in cats, ranging from rubbing, licking, and high-spirited behavior. In addition to catnip toys and dried catnip, there are also other ways to make catnip available to your kitty. 

Live Catnip plants

Since the appeal of catnip is largely dependent on its freshness, a live plant is the freshest form you can offer your pet cat. You can buy catnip plants from pet stores. You can also grow your own from scratch using kits; however, this will involve waiting for the seeds to sprout and protecting your growing plants from your pet cats. 

Catnip bubbles

Catnip bubbles are actually like the ones used by children. The mixture comes in a bottle with a wand through which you can blow the bubbles. The big difference is the essence of catnip which has been added to the solution. 

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