Fur Biting In Chinchillas

In chinchillas, fur-biting is a display of anti-social behavior. Those that engage in the behavior tend to be bored as a result of lack of opportunities in which they can derive physical and mental stimulation. The behavior is also displayed when there is a conflict between chinchillas that are housed in the same cage. Another potential cause of fur-biting is a coping mechanism for stress. It can also be one of the symptoms of an underlying medical problem. Chronic fur-biting can cause the chinchilla’s hair coats to become messy and uneven.

Since there are several potential causes of fur-biting in chinchillas, it is necessary to take steps to identify the underlying cause so the appropriate intervention can be made. If it’s a stressor, it must be removed immediately from the chin’s environment or prevent or reduce your pet’s exposure to it. A visit to your Marietta, GA animal hospital can help establish whether or not a medical condition is behind your pet’s undesirable behavior. Click here for more information.


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