Depression in Pet Birds

Did you know that depression is quite common among pet birds? Yes, this is really true and the problem is often triggered by several seemingly ordinary factors like a change in the location of their cage, boredom, and even the loss of a favorite toy or cagemate. 

When depressed, there may be noticeable changes in the bird’s appetite, appearance, behaviors, and elimination. The bird’s feathers may become fluffed up, and some tend to be irritable. There may also be feather-plucking. Spotting early signs and checking out with your veterinarian is very important before it can become deeply rooted. Taking steps to identify what is causing your pet to behave this way can go a long way in nipping the problem in the bud. Your first stop is to take a closer look at your pet’s enclosure for it may  provide clues as to the cause of the problem. Recent changes in your pet’s daily routine can also be a potential culprit. Keep your pet bird healthy and active by bringing him regularly to a Las Vegas, NV veterinary clinic


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