How Often Should A Pet Dog Be Fed In A Day?

When it comes to frequency of feeding pet dogs, there is really no standard that is strictly followed. Oftentimes, it depends more on the owner’s personal schedule and lifestyle. But it could also depend on the animal’s eating habits and appetite. Some owners feed their pets once a day, some feed twice a day while some divide their pet’s ration into 3-4 meals, given at specific times throughout the day. Regardless of your schedule and frequency of feeding in a day, always stick to the total amount of food that your pet should have on a daily basis. You can give that once or twice a day, or divide it into smaller meals. Dogs tend to overfeed when there is food; it is an instinctive trait that they have inherited from their scavenging and opportunist ancestors. If you have any questions or concerns about your pet’s diet, consult your Las Vegas, NV veterinarian.


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