Your Cat's Acne May Be Caused By His Plastic Food Bowl

Does your cat suffer from bouts of acne and pimples? These are one of the common skin problems of cats. It is caused by the presence of trapped dirt in the hair follicles. Other possible causes of acne and pimple in cats are poor hygiene, irritation of the hair follicles, and exposure to stressors. Another important cause is allergy to plastic which is a common material used for making food and water bowls. 

Eating or drinking from a plastic bowl can cause skin breakouts in hypersensitive cats. The reaction is triggered by frequent contact with the plastic surface. 

If your cat’s food and water bowls are made of plastic, try switching to those made of glass, stainless steel, or ceramic and see if there is alleviation of symptoms. 

Your Marietta, GA vet can help pinpoint the cause or trigger factor of your pet’s skin breakouts and may prescribe medications to prevent acne breakout. More details here:


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