Rough Handling Can Trigger Aggressive Behavior In Gerbils

Gerbils are quite sensitive to rough handling. As pets, they need to be handled with care as early as possible so they will get used to human touch and interaction. If you have kids, you should teach them how to handle gerbils to prevent unfortunate incidents of nipping or biting. Also, gerbils have fragile tails that can easily break off when they are held by the tail. They should not be handled like mice or rats. 

When approaching your pet’s enclosure, try making some noise so it will be aware of your presence. Gerbils can easily be frightened and their fear or anxiety may cause them to nip or bite, the only form of defense they are capable of. 

The right way to hold a gerbil is on the palm of your hand. Start by coaxing him to approach your hand using some treats. Speak to your pet calmly and avoid drastic or quick movements. It is important for your pet gerbil to view handling and interaction with people as a positive experience. 

Bring your pet gerbil to a vet clinic Louisville, CO for a regular wellness check


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