Why You Shouldn't Feed Horses you Don't Know

If you’re a horse lover then you probably know where all of the horses are on your morning and evening commute. Your family may know as well and as tempting as it is to stop and pet and feed every horse along the way home you shouldn’t do it. Horse owners do not appreciate drivers or pedestrians who stop at their pasture and try to feed their horses. It’s not polite or safe to feed other people’s horses. Why? The horse could have an allergy and you won’t know that. You could feed him something that makes him sick. The horse may also be lame and unable to move around a lot. You should never enter a pasture or paddock or even try riding someone else’s horse without their permission. Horses can be like puppies be very persuasive, but stay away and don’t feed them unless you have permission from the owner. Talk with your Westminster, MD veterinarian for more details. Or schedule an appointment today!


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