Is It Normal for Dogs to Bite Their Nails?

Nail biting is a common habit in people, dogs, cats, etc. It’s normal when it’s only done on occasion. For instance, if the dog needs her nails trimmed she may start to chew or bite at them to trim them down herself. Check your dog’s nails at the first sign of biting. Your dog may also bite at her nails if they’ve just been trimmed. The nail may be chipped or not cut clean across. The dog may be biting at the nail to file it down herself. Again, check the nail and if possible, file the nail for your dog so she will stop biting it on her own. If your dog is constantly biting at her nails, check for any sign of irritation or bites around the nails. Give your veterinary clinic Westminster, MD a call and schedule a checkup. It never hurts to have your vet take a look.


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