What to Feed Your Painted Turtle

Bringing a painted turtle into the family? That’s a great idea! Contact local pet stores to find out if they carry painted turtle. You can also ask them about basic painted turtle care including what you should feed a painted turtle. Your local veterinarian can also be a huge help in finding the perfect painted turtle and providing the turtle with the best food and treats. First things first, the painted turtle is omnivorous which means he heats meat and plants. Painted turtles typically eat cut up pieces of fish like gold fish. They enjoy eating small insects as well. On the plant side, they love leafy greens and a few fruits. Your vet can tell you which leafy greens and fruits are the best for your turtle. In addition, your pet store may recommend a commercial grain feed as well. If you’re unsure of a food, talk with your Pasadena, MD vet.


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