Can Horses Throw Up?

Horses cannot throw up because they don’t have the physical makeup to do so. For instance, a lot has to happen for a human or dog or cat to throw up. Muscles contract, airways close, the esophagus opens up, etc. making it possible to throw up. Horses don’t have this ability. When their food goes in it only has one way to go. The muscles along the throat and even in the stomach work differently making it nearly impossible for a horse to throw up. If you see your horse coughing and food comes up then the hose is most likely choking. The food hasn’t actually gone down to the stomach, but has become lodged in the esophagus. This can be fatal. Do not treat with water. Talk to your veterinarian Mt. Airy, MD immediately. ACE or banamine may be prescribed over the phone to calm your horse until help arrives.


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