Why Does My Dog Eat Poop?

Does your dog have the disgusting habit of eating his own poop or that of another dog? Experts have forwarded the following theories to explain this undesirable behavior:

  • Puppies got it from their mother when they saw her licking them after they have eliminated. This maternal instinct can be adapted by the puppies. Mother dogs also lick places where her litter sleep and play to keep it clean. As puppies grow older they take on the responsibility of keeping their quarters clean, and this can possibly develop into a habit.
  • Without adequate opportunities to derive physical and mental stimulation, dogs can become bored. This is also true for home alone dogs without an enriched indoor environment. 
  • It could also be that they lack something that is not present in their daily meals. Also, some dogs engage in the behavior in an attempt to recycle nutrients by eating their poop.  

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