How to Help Your Dog Overcome Fear

Is your dog afraid of things such as thunder, other animals, or random loud noises in the home (i.e. moving around pots and pans in the kitchen)? If you notice your dog jumps every time he hears thunder, take him to a center room of the home where the noise is less. Distract him by playing a game, doing training exercises, or having cuddle time. If he runs to hide every time you’re in the kitchen using pots and pans, bring your dog to the kitchen and slowly get the pots and pans out in front of him. Let him see them, smell them, and hear them as you move them around. If he cowers behind you when he sees other dogs or animals, pull him to our side and talk with him to distract him. Put him in situations where he sees other animals and becomes used to their presence. For more tips, call your Pleasanton, CA vet.


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