Ear Yeast Infections in Golden Retrievers

Did you know that ear infections in Golden Retrievers are quite common? Goldens are known for developing yeast infections in the ears due to moisture getting trapped in the ear. It’s important to keep your Golden’s ears brushed and wiped clean with a vet approved ear wipe for dogs. If your Golden likes to swim, make sure you thoroughly dry the ears after. You can also ask your vet about ear drops for Goldens that can help dry up the ear after swimming. Keep an eye on your Golden’s ears and watch out for crustiness in the ears, ooze, or a foul smell. These are all common signs of bacteria or yeast development in the air. Your Golden may also itch at his ears constantly or shake his head from side to side as well. Do not place a QTip or anything in your dog’s ear to clean in. Instead, consult with your Brampton, ON vet for treatment options.


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