Where should you put your gerbil’s enclosure?

Sharing your home with a gerbil means that you are making a point to seek out ways to care for your little fur ball and implementing them as you see fit. How can you choose the ideal place to put your pet’s enclosure?

You want your gerbil to be safely away from other pets as well as unsupervised children. This may mean placing him up higher so he is out of reach. Pick a sturdy piece of furniture that won’t get bumped into, and make sure your pet is able to still interact with your family from this spot. You should also be mindful of things that could make your pet uncomfortable, like direct sunlight, drafty windows, or heating vents. Try to steer clear of these so your little fur ball can go about her day the way she wants to. For additional information, please contact your local Somerville, MA vet.


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