Important Changes That Senior Dogs Go Through

Important physical and physiological occur in cats and dogs as they enter their senior years. And accompanying their important changes is also the deterioration of their mental function. Yes, senility can affect senior pets. Thus, there have been many cases of senior pets getting lost when they stray around the neighborhood and become disoriented. As their vital senses deteriorates, senior pets become less responsive to environmental stimuli. They also lose interest in activities that they once loved taking part in. Instead of engaging in play and other activities, your once active pet soon starts spending the day sleeping. 

Aging also affects the animal’s thermo-regulatory mechanisms thus they are more vulnerable to extreme environmental conditions. Exposure to very cold weather or high temperatures can significantly increase their susceptibility to important health issues that can have a negative impact on their quality of life. As your senior pet faces the challenges of his golden years, bringing him regularly to your London, ON animal hospital for health checks can help make his life more comfortable before he finally crosses the rainbow bridge. Read more here.


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