How Much Protein And Fat Does My Dog Need?

Adult dogs differ in their needs for specific nutrients particularly protein and fat. Because they have already stopped growing, they won’t need as much of these two nutrients. Experts recommend at least 10% of an adult dog’s daily calories should come from protein and fats. At least 50% of the daily ration should be carbohydrates and some fiber (2.5-4.5%).

Most pet owners divide their pet’s daily ration into two meals, one given in the morning and the other at dinnertime. The interval makes gives enough time for proper digestion and in the process helps prevent energy spikes and lows. 

As for dog treats, moderation is the magic word. With dog treats of all kinds around, you should get the best ones for your pooch. Also, take note that treats are important sources of additional calories, thus calories from treats should not exceed more than 10% of your pet’s daily calorie intake. 

Any change in your pet’s dietary habits should be brought to the attention of your vet clinic London, ON.


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