Important Tips To Keep Your Cat Healthy Into Old Age

Did you know that a cat’s lifespan depend to a large degree on several important factors like breed, hereditary risk for certain health conditions, and how they are cared for? Yes, these factors have a significant impact on a cat’s longevity and how healthy they will be in their senior years. The best way to make sure that your cat stays fit and healthy well into his golden years should start while your pet is still young. Proper care and attention can make a world of difference to your pet’s health and well-being down the line. 

Between moggie and pedigree cats, the former has the advantage of hybrid vigor. This is a technical term that refers to the positive impact of having parents that are of different breeds. Pedigree cat breeds have higher risks of developing specific health conditions, and this can have an important influence on their lifespan.

Working closely with your veterinarians Lakeville, MN can help ensure your pet’s overall wellness especially during his golden years.  For more information visit the website: 



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