What To Do If Your Cat Is Not Using The Litter Box

Cats with litter box issues tend to avoid using the litter box, preferring to do their business in inappropriate spots around the house. There are also instances in multi-cat households when a submissive cat does not use the litter box because there are other cats around. They want to relax and be safe when doing their thing. Potty issues may also be due to not having enough litter boxes (it should be number of cats plus 1). Aggression issues between cats can also be important culprits. 

When trying to identify what’s causing your pet to behave this way, you should consider litter box issues first- quantity, location, type of litter, size, design, and maintenance. Litter boxes should be placed in parts of the house with less household traffic so cats can do their thing in peace and in private. The type of litter should depend on what your cat likes and not your preference. And make sure the litter box is cleaned every day so it will be free from odors that cats don’t like. 

A sudden change in your cat’s behavior should warrant a visit to your animal hospital Lakeville, MN


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