Should I Give My Guinea Pig a Bath?

No, you shouldn’t bathe your guinea pig or get him what unless it’s absolutely necessary. Guinea pigs self groom a lot. You may have noticed your cavy sitting on his haunches, rubbing his eyes, licking his hands and then rubbing his eyes again. This is his way of cleaning his face. He may rub his little hands over his head as well to keep clean. You can brush your guinea pig to help keep the fur from matting and to remove dead fur. Baths are not recommended as guinea pigs can catch pneumonia easily. If your cavy does need a bath, use a pet bath wipe to only wash the area that’s dirty. If you are showing your cavy, spot cleaning is recommended to keep the fur clean and shiny. You can help keep your cavy clean and fresh by cleaning his bedding regularly. For additional recommendations, consult with your veterinarian Walnut, CA


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